2015 October

Tips for Chatting on a First Date PIC
First dates can be nerve-racking, but small talk can be worse. When an awkward silence hits, it’s either head for the nearest exit or mention the weather. For those that weren’t born with the gift of the gab, unlike the weather, there are some topics you should reach for when you start to feel the […]
Across the UK there are many buzzing cities, highly urbanised hubs where money talks. But it’s young professionals who often pay a heavy price for their high flying careers, as they are often left too busy to look for love. In terms of general acceptance of online dating, researchers found that in the UK over […]
Online dating is here to stay This, we know. But in the year 2015 (and presumably, beyond), it’s become somewhat of a necessity for those of us who tend to prioritise work, sleep, and other aspects of our lives over, say, arranged marriages—but still want to find a partner in crime. So, in an effort to […]
The morning cup of coffee’s role is to supply you with the necessary caffeine intake, but your morning routine can also be easily turned into a source of sexual desire. This ‘Sexy Coffee Recipe’ uses ingredients including super foods, these have been used since ancient times to help stimulate sexual arousal. The benefits of the ingredients: Maca: It […]