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Romantic Dating Changed Our Lives RESIZED

Coffee Romantic Dating Changed Our Lives

HI Coffee Romantic Team, i thought you might be interest to hear about my success on your site!!

On other online dating sites i have tried, all I received were messages asking if i fancied a one night stand! Then, I keyed ‘Romantic Dating’ into my Google search engine to see what would come up – a lot! I didn’t know how they worked so joined a few. My details on were brief. I listed one photo and just said:  Hi, my name is Fiona and i am feeling down as my partner of 12 years has ended our relationship. I had joined a gym and salsa classes and was looking to make friends, but i needed a guy to make me laugh and if he was a Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling look-alike that would be really cool!! ‘Stuart from London’ contacted me. There was no great photo, but he had typed masses about his life and himself and how he was a regular guy looking to find love.

He too was approaching 40, and played guitar in a band for a hobby. So we began a courtship of firstly messaging through your site, then upgrading to your ‘Live Chat’ thing and eventually speaking on the phone for a couple of hours each night. I wasn’t really into what he looked like strangely, i fell for the person rather than the face. But I did later see some photos of him on his band’s website and thought he was cute! Stuart wanted to meet quickly but I was still emotionally scarred from the events of my life.

We finally met on my 40th birthday at a well known Coffee Shop in Central London (we are both Coffee Junkies). I wanted such a special day in my life to be significant, but it was so much more. We had the most amazing day, going to the Tower of London like a couple of Foreign Tourists, Eating a pub lunch by the water and sitting on a park bench in Hyde Park. We didn’t go home til 10. I said, ‘Bet when you get home we won’t have anything else to talk about!’ He texted me to say he had arrived home and if I was up to it did I want to call. I was and we spoke for 5 hours!

We didn’t meet again until 3 weeks later. We arranged to spend a few days together which very quickly turned into two weeks. I went back to my parents and a week later moved to London to be with him! Stuart had had a few relationships over the previous 10 or so years, some great times, but nothing seemed quite right.

Like me, Stuart had not heard of your site but found ‘Coffee Romantic’ after a search online due to his three Latte’s a day habit!  He was immediately greeted by my photo and brief details as a ‘featured profile’. It took Stuart about 3 or 4 days to pluck up the courage to message me and send me a ‘gift’ and once I’d sent a message back we had no option but to pay the joining fee for your site because we both wanted to do the ‘Live Chat’ option.

It’s amazing how life can take twists and turns, that ‘Romantic Dating’ search i did on Google has literally changed our lives!  Anyway i thought you would be interested in our story and i quite fancy going with Stuart on your ‘Romantic Free Weekend Holiday at a 5 Star Hotel’ so i would be grateful if you could put me into your Prize Draw, just text me if i Win!!

Yours Successfully :)

Fiona Powell