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Online Dating, Coffee, Sex and the City

Across the UK there are many buzzing cities, highly urbanised hubs where money talks. But it’s young professionals who often pay a heavy price for their high flying careers, as they are often left too busy to look for love.

In terms of general acceptance of online dating, researchers found that in the UK over 30 percent of singles surveyed said they have tried online dating to look for love and that number is rising fast, whilst more than 20 per cent said they have tried mobile dating apps.

According to research leader Leslie Pettigrew, over 70 percent of online daters in the UK are looking for long term relationships via the various sites,  whilst almost 20 per cent say they are looking simply for sex or ‘extra marital’ affairs.

More than 90 percent are willing to meet up with their prospective partner if they click with someone online. Interestingly, the survey revealed while  both men and women rate physical attractiveness ‘very highly’ when it comes           to seeking a date online, men at 93.6 percent far outstrip women on this  demand at 69.9 percent.

However, will men’s distinct preference for good looks, together with the fact that online dating sites generally have more women subscribers than men, skew single ladies’ chances of landing that perfect boyfriend or husband?

Pettigrew, analyzing from a sociological perspective, considers it too simplistic to worry about the online gender ratio affecting people’s chances of finding love.

“There is a whole plethora of different views and expectations toward relationships and marriage,” she said. “I think it’s not just the gender ratio that affects the dating ecology, but our beliefs in traditional relationships, opportunities for having extra marital affairs, changing gender politics, desires for other things such as career achievements, and so on.”

One thing is for sure, “online dating is certainly here to stay” Pettigrew said.