Nuno Moniz

Gender man
Seeking woman
Age 35
Country United Kingdom
City Boston
Coffee PersonalityCappuccino

My name is Miguel and i am 34. I come from Portugal originally, but i am living in Boston, Lincolnshire.  I work for a local hospital as an housekeeper, i like what i do, at least, it keeps me going until i find something else.

I think that, what one does, shouldn't be an hindrance in the pursuit of love, because, what defines a person is not what he does, but, the true essence oF Being human.

If you are an honest person, looking for true love, then, you will have my love and my consideration, if youre looking for someone with a stable life, with a masters degree and so forth, then, iam not the person you're after, iam just being honest, because, a world can be constructed with the help of both.

Currently living with my mother maria, she is 53, my brother william who is 13, and my mothers partner fernando who is 52, they are a good bunch, at times, we do not get along, due to personality differences and so forth.

It is a very complicated family in many ways, iam complex as well, so, iam not perfect in anyway, like, ive had many opportunities when i was younger but, instead, i was just wondering around, wasting time, you know, i wish i could go back in time and change many things, sometimes, i think that, my decisions in the past have made me what iam today, but, i still have a lot to learn, and believe me, i much prefer starting from the bottom than, going high up.

i also have 3 other brothers, valter 36 married and has 2 daughters named eva 12 and lara 8, marcelo 32 married with a brazilian woman has a son called michael 7 years of age, they are getting divorced due to differences, my brother marcelo still likes her, but, she doesnt want anything to do with him anymore, well, i guess, that is life, iam sure they will come to a decision soon for the benifit of their child, michael.

The brazilian woman that is married with my brother marcelo, also had an affair with another brother i have, victor 30, they had a child, her name is Ana clara 10, so, i can say that, michael and Ana clara are cousins and brothers at the same time.

Victor is currently living in Luxembourg with his girlfriend, but they do not have any kids, just him.

Finally, i have another brother from my father's side, his name is mx, 14.

As you can see, i have a big family, we dont talk to each other that much, a family that is so apart, that they feel indifferent to one another, i guess that, iam not the ony one in the world whom has an odd relationship with some family members.

We are human beings and we all should be united for the sake of our existence, we are here for a reason, and i believe that, human beings should be united, like brothers, etc.

Due to the differences we a ll have, it makes it difficult to have any sort of a relationship with people from other countries, as they have different views of their world, and they constantly argue that, their views are more important than yours, or mine, okay, let them have such vision, i guess, the world is diverse for a reason, as long as such views are respect, then, we can all live together, iam not sure whether that, togetherness is possible, but, at least, we have the power to change, we all can change for the benefit of humanity.

My main goal in life is to be happy, that is all, i do not intend to pursue a goal in becoming rich, or, hurting other people, if my existence serves or fulfills a purpose, then, let me find what my purpose is.

I know it may sound so lame, reading all about me and my life, i truly think it is lame, in a way, but, i just want you to give you a perpective, of what my life is all about, i dont think, other people would write a lot about themselves, because, they find it hard to express their way of viewing the world, iam just being real, and being real, means, that iam a reality that you can see, and that, in a certain way, you can feel connected, besides, i live in a reality that is made of humans, and my words are real in many ways, asthey express my feelings, my emotions, the way i feel about life, and other things that do follow along the path of life.

It looks like that, iam writing a book, but, it makes me feel good about myself writing how i feel, you should give it a try and see how you feel.

That is what the world needs, people to express how they feel, we cannot lose the connection we have with the world, so, let us be united and carry on with a smile that eventualy gives rise to a better life, a better you, and a better tomorrow.

As iam talking about a better tomorrow, feelings, the world etc, what about you, what is it that you truly believe? do you still believe in love? do you think that, the world needs a better update?

I believe in one thing, people have the power to change themselves, the world, and beyond, they have what it takes to make this world a better place, it may seem quite an afar thought but, nothing is impossible, as long as we show them the way, then, they can see for themselves, the possibilities of changing their views, themselves and others.

Iam not here to change the way you, think, act, or behave, iam just giving you a perspective, of, what it would be like, living in a world, where there is no violence, no crime, indifferences.