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Hi, I thought i would drop you a line to tell you about our forthcoming Wedding. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind to be honest, i had always shied away from Online Dating because for some reason i thought i had a better chance of meeting someone in a Nightclub or even in my local Supermarket.

I liked your Romantic Coffee Themed Site and i certainly Love Coffee, so i thought i would take out a 3 month subscription and Give it a Try, although i wasn’t expecting too much to be honest.
Duane sent me at least a dozen messages before i responded, even though he looked great, i thought he was probably just playing the field. But he convinced me that he wasn’t a womanizer and we met at my local Coffee Shop on a Saturday morning.

I have never spent so much time Just Chatting and Drinking Coffee before in my life, it must have been 4 hours before we finally decided to take a walk to see what was showing at our local Cinema. I can’t tell you just how thankful i am that i found your site, i like Clubs but i am not so keen on pubs, so i searched on google for UK Singles Coffee Shop Dating, gave your site a try and eventually responded to Duane’s messaging.

We are now planning to have a dream wedding in Barbados in October. Duane did the full one knee proposal thing in front of my work colleagues, which was a mixture of embarrassment and excitement to be honest, but it’s a memory i will cherish forever.

I Just thought i would Share our Excitement with you and other Coffee Romantic Subscribers (after reading your COFFEE PERSONALITIES by the way i am a Cappuccino and Duane is definitely a Affogato), i have told all my friends about your Dating Site and i hope they too can find someone. I am happy for you to publish this letter on the Site, i still actually login to my Profile and regularly read your Dating Advice Tips and Romantic Holiday Offers, i will continue to push all my friends in your direction – so Hopefully you will continue with your Free Online Dating Trial Offer, I will email some Pictures of the Wedding as soon as we get back from our Honeymoon (and i am Happy to be a Coffee Romantic Brand Ambassador if you Need Me).

Jalanda & Duane