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What Should You Wear On The First Date?

Isn’t this the question you always have in your mind while getting ready before the date? Let’s face it, our clothing is our first non-verbal communication and is very important to turn any date into a successful first liaison.

First and foremost you need to know about where are you going and what will be mode of communication. If it’s a more formal date in a restaurant, your choice is simple, but if you are going to meet in a coffee bar or to a different place, you need to pick something which is smart but casual, comfortable and makes you look good.

There are certain colours that flatter your skin tone and body shape. For example, no matter how much I like certain lighter shades, I know that they would never look great on me, so I avoid those colours. I am sure that there might be certain colours that look great on you and some colours that don’t. So all you need to do is to find that colour and decide to wear that colour for your date. After all, it’s your first date. You just have to look great !

Ok, so you don’t know which colours suits you the most? When in doubt, wear black. Yes, black is the colour that suits every skin tone and body shape. It also helps people look slimmer.  And if you can’t find any other colour, go for black. I have never met anyone in my entire life who doesn’t look great in black.

You want to be the best version of yourself of course. I wouldn’t say that you should be somebody who you’re not, but in general tend to like a more natural, you don’t want to look too high maintenance, above all, you want to be natural.


Before we get to the actual getting dressed part, let’s begin with taking off your clothes and hopping in the shower. Trust me, you’ll feel fresh and ready to go once you’ve washed the rest of the day away.

Next, make sure to take care of any facial hair, whether that’s trimming up or shaving for a clean face. This is important since it’s hard for a woman to imagine smooching a guy with a crazy goatee or rough stubble.

Take a good, honest look at your hair and make sure it isn’t out of control either. Most likely you’ll just want to run some pomade through it just to give it some style and polish. Simple, but it will make a difference in your overall look.

Most dates you go on will probably fit into the “casual date” category (going to see a movie or grabbing dinner) so how to dress for that type of date ? For tops, my all-time favourite shirt for a chill date is a casual button-up shirt. Solid or plaid, the button up isn’t too serious or dressy, but still looks sharp on a man and always seems to positively accentuates his upper body. Another great option is a polo which is also a step above a t-shirt, but not too dressed up. For trousers, dark jeans without a whole lot of destruction are a good pick. Anything that is too destructed or washed down might come across as too casual.

When it comes to shoes, please, please try not to wear sneakers. You are taking out a lady, not running a marathon. Not sure what to wear? A nice casual leather shoe is always a good way to go if you’re wearing jeans or chinos. Just make sure they’re comfortable if you’ll be doing any walking.

Make sure you belt matches your shoes. It’s a smaller detail, but she will notice.

If you have a nice watch, wear it. There’s a sophistication a watch brings to a man’s outfit that women notice and appreciate.

Now one quick blast of a sophisticated after shave and you are ready, i’m sure you will make her heart beat just that little bit faster, it’s time.


We girls are really lucky to be born in 21st century and we have the access to the World’s best cosmetics. Obviously, we can have a little make up splashed on our faces and look a little better. Just one tip here. Be careful of not going overboard with that. You should not look like a painted face. And also remember to focus on only one feature at a time. If you are doing the eyes, be subtle for the lips and vice versa.

It’s your first date, don’t go dramatic with your clothes, make up or accessories. Though we girls are actually little drama queens yet you can definitely save them for some other day. You can at least let the drama spare your first date. So please if you thought of wearing those animal print skin tight trousers or even worse, drawing that leopard print on your eyes, please stop. JUST STOP!

If you can’t walk properly in those sky scraper heels then there’s no point of wearing them. Be yourself. You don’t have to do things just to please the other person, do things to please yourself. Wear the things you are comfortable in. If you are not comfortable in that tiny high street dress with all the sequins poking in your body then there is no point wearing it, because when you are not comfortable, you won’t be able to enjoy your date and that pretty much spoils the idea of a date.

Darling, you are all set to set his heart on fire, I am sure you will look amazing. I am sure it’s all going to be very awesome. Just be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone else, I am sure that you are worthy of A LOT. And you are so amazing that you just needn’t try to be someone else. So just be comfortable in who you are. Be confident of yourself. Nothing and nothing is sexier than a woman with confidence.


Relax. It’s just a date. Don’t stress yourself about anything. A date is meant to be fun. You should enjoy yourself because this is what the date is actually meant for. If something great has to happen out of that date, it will happen, you don’t have to push yourself hard for that. So let your best smile be prominent on your face. Look your best and relax. Wish you a fun time. Enjoy!